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NPO Nepal Volunteer

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it is still a developing nation. Development has been slowed by internal unrest for the past ten years. Our population continues to grow but formal education has reached only 50% of the people. Cultivated agricultural land in this mountainous country is not expanding. People in the rural areas work small farms. Traditionally, the land has been divided among a family’s children and at this time, many farms are exceedingly small.

The people of Nepal need education. They will especially benefit from education in 21st century technology. The traditional culture of small, remote farms means that in the countryside, the people do not have access to wage labor or business opportunities. These farm families do not have sufficient money to purchase the basic equipment of education – paper and pencils, notebooks, study materials, and acceptable clothing. At this time, typical families in the rural areas of Nepal have 4-8 children. If a family can afford to educate one or two children, the same family can rarely afford to educate all its children. In fact, there is too little incentive for parents or children to pursue education. Schools in the countryside are small and simple and too poorly furnished and equipped to be interesting, especially when many potential students would have to walk 2-3 hours to attend their local school.

Medical facilities are even rarer in the Nepalese countryside than educational facilities. Most citizens in rural areas have to walk 2-5 days to the district administrative center, the Bazar, for medical treatment. Development is expected to be slow because the economy is poor and the government is still forming. Many have said that in the past, too often, international aid funds have not been delivered to designated projects. Some have accused corruption within the government. Others have accused corruption within certain non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

This is our time for change. In 2008, the insurgency in Nepal ended. We have peace in our countryside. The political parties in Nepal have joined to write a new national constitution, a careful process that is expected to take two years.

Our organization’s primary focus is tourism, trekking and mountaineering. Much of our work is in rural communities so we see the needs for social services and economic development. Trekking and mountaineering take us to all parts of Nepal, from the eastern frontier to the western frontier, from Tibet in the north to India in the south. Trekking and mountaineering are seasonal activities, generally spring and autumn. We have time in the off-seasons, nearly six months of the year, to engage in social service work. The employees who guide trekkers and mountaineers are the same employees who perform social service work.

Our non-profit organization, the NPO Nepal Volunteer Social Service (NPO Nepal VSS), has realized its mission and recognized its opportunities to encourage and assist rural communities to make educational improvement & develop in the Himalayas of Nepal people. Some citizens in rural communities have basic needs - families with little land or poor crops, orphaned children, handicapped and disabled people. Finances are difficult. Our work won’t be easy, but we must work to support citizens in their efforts to develop healthy, sustainable communities. We believe that education will provide the foundation for positive development. Our purpose is to build programs to encourage and provide education in the remote, high Himalayan areas. Our teams will live and work as frugally as possible to maximize the value of donated funds.

NPO Nepal VSS will report all elements of our work to the government annually. And the Nepal Government has rules & regulations to get pay of Non Government Organization office room rent Taxes as annually.

Our major Objectives:

  • To assist orphans and helpless children.
  • To upgrade the living standards of depressed communities.
  • To provide equal educational opportunities.
  • To provide social services to communities in remote areas, e.g. school building and maintenance, clean water facilities, first aid centers, monasteries, etc
  • To provide materials and educational aids to schools in remote areas.
  • To preserve the natural environment of Nepal.
  • To provide Solar or Sub-hydroelectric power light in remote areas of Nepal.

Currently our Social work activities progress for Nepal Mountain villages people Service in remote  area: 

We would like to say "Thank you so much & very appreciating so far " to Japan , Singapore / Malaysia , Slovenia, USA & Swiss countries all donor members for the Clinic Construction fund". Your contribution will be really valuable for many Nepal mountains remote villages people's life rescue emergency treatments, Health Care & educational progress etc. Your contribution will be memorable forever in NEPAL….!!

Again we are expecting some more donation by someone who is interested for donating to complete the 2nd floor level construction and medicine supply purchasing fund & equipments etc.….

Construction of 2 storey concrete Clinic building estimated cost: NPR 4,084,000(USD 40435.)

Clinic building Construction progress since February 2017

Yearly funds need for purchasing of medicine supply & Administration- about NPR 300,000.(USD 2970.)

Donation Details 

Singapor Mr. Teck group contribution for Simma Clinic 2019 year again.  Thank you so much to the following members again for donation. 

1)  Mr. Lim Kia Wee : SGD 50 (2) Mr. Leong Chor Fai: SGD 106 (3) Mr. Tan Boon Huat: SGD 200 (4) Mr. Teck (family) & Gerry, Ansel & Lizzie: SGD 844

Total donation received: SGD 1200. ( USD 838.81.) NPR 92940.15   


Fund received detail  from different countries  Donor members:






From JAPAN Hakuba village ,

 Pension Rikobo Group 77 members donation received:-

Total: 1,650,000 Yen (US$ 14,948.)

" NPR 200,000. Extra fund for important clinic equipments, Medicine supply purchasing & administration etc."

= NPR. 1,509,750.

   NPR 200,000.

NPR 1,309,750.

Used for Building construction  




January 2017


March 2018

From Singapore / Malaysia:- Mr. Tan Yong Teck  family Ms. Geraldine (Gerry) Ansel, Lizzie &  team members,  Mr.Tan Boon Huat,  M/S: Zack Mok, Lim Kia Wee, Leong Chor Fai,Lew Kuo Shian,        Winson Ong & Edward Lung 

SGD 511 previous remain + 1300 by Teck family & Mr. Tan Boon Huat =  SGD 1811 = NPR . 134225.           For Clinic Building construction Extra fund for clinic equipments & Medicine supply purchasing etc.


April 2017

From JAPAN  Kanagawa Tokyo

Mr. Oki Takeo & Mr.Katano Takashi

60,000. Yen = NPR. 53700.


October &

July 2017

From JAPAN Tokyo

Mr. Takaoka Hikota Machida-grouse

20000. Yen = NPR. 17900.



October 2017

From Slovenia, Ljubljana

Mr. Miha team "Nepal Langtang Nayakanga Peak climbing  2017 October "


US$ 340. = NPR. 34340




From Switzerland  Fribourg

Ms. Nicole Rosse & Mr. Jean Rosse

US$  200. = NPR.20200.


January 2018

From JAPAN Tokyo Mr.  Minoru Tsukamoto

US$253. = NPR. 25830.


January 2018

From USA, Atlanta

Ms. Paige Harvey  & Mr. Bruce Harvey

US$ 200. = NPR.20250.


Feb 2018

From Slovenia,  Ljubljana,                                                   Mr. Jani Bele & Ms. Hilda  Jejčič Bele,                      Mr. Mitja Lakner ,  Ms.Lučka & Mr.Jurij Nabergoj

US$100 & Euro 250.

=  NPR. 35600.



Feb 2018

From JAPAN Kobe                                                          Ms.   Kusumoto Mutsuko, Ms.  Hoshin  Kiyo &      Ms.  Kurokawa Ayako

30000. Yen = NPR 27450.


 March 2018

From JAPAN, Kanagawa Mr. Oki Takeo

100,000 Yen = NPR.91000.


March 2018

From Japan Everest View Trekking 2017 November

Ms. Onaka Yukari Team members:-







200000. Yen = NPR.182,000.


2018 Year

Until 26 February 2018, Total collected fund:

NPR 1,952,245.+ Rs.200,000.
NPR. 2,152,245 ( $21300.)

July 2017   From Japan , Mr. Itoda & Ms. Emiko 10000 Yen = NPR. 9100.  
08 March 2018 

 (Grouse Mounting Club of Machida Tokyo,Japan)

Total donation:
= NPR 231250.

09 March
   From Sloveni, Mr. Miha Peternel & Ms. Mateja
US$50. = NPR.5100.  
15 March 2018 

From Japan Tokyo JFMA Group: donation 
Ms. Ishihara Sumiko: 30,000. Yen 
Mr.Sugita Katsuhiko: 20,000. Yen
Mr. Kamioka Mitsuo: 10,000. Yen
Mr. Suzuki Yoshihito: 10,000. Yen
Mr. Suzuki Mamoru: 10,000. Yen
Ms. Sakurai Masako: 10,000. Yen
Mr. Kounosu Masahiro: 10,000. Yen

Mr.Nakano Minoru: 5000. Yen
Mr.Nakazaki Tetsu: 3000. Yen
Mr.Matsubara Shinichi & Ms. Matsubara Kayoko: US$ 500.
Ms.Fujiwara Mitsuko: US$ 110. 
Total: 108000. Yen = NPR. 99900. 
US$ 610. = NPR 62220.
Total: NPR. 162120.
2018     Until 25 March, Total collected fund: 

NPR 255,9815. ( $25360.)                  + NPR 13400.added by more exchange rate of Ms. Onaka group fund.


This is support fund transfer bank account address:  for  NPO NVSS 

      Account Number: 01902776430018
      Account holder: NPO Nepal Volunteer Social Service
      Bank name:Himalayan Bank Limited
      Swift code:HIMANPKA
      Bank address:Tridevi Marg Thamel Kathmandu NEPAL
      Bank phone:00977-1-4429124、4442561

Since 2008 the Eleserien 1% Club, NPO Nepal ma Jani & Ms. Kusumoto & Ms. Nakano Japan members have been for supporting to 55 Poor families children education financing in Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa’s village of Ekuwa (Yakuwa) Pathivara VDC – 1. The village of Ekuwa is located at 2300m. elevation in the district of Sankhuwasabha in the eastern region of the Nepalese Himalaya, near Mt Makalu (8463m).

And NPO Nepal Volunteer Social Service has already obtained funding and overseen the construction of a new stone , Cement and wood School at Yakuwa (Ekuwa) village. The school was complete and dedicated in January 12 - 2010 with the Japanese donors Eleserien Company 1% Club & NPO group members in attendance.


Scholarship wanted: For the better future of mountain children from the poor family background it has been providing scholarship to the children with disability and without disability at private and Government Schools. 


The NPO Nepal Volunteer Social Service organization members & village people would like to express heartfelt thanks to the previous following individuals and organizations for their generous supported to Nepal people.
The Following are the names of individuals and organizations supporters who has great contributed and currently helping for Nepali people regarding School building construction and educational Scholarship helpless/disabled children and Health Post clinic.
NPO Nepal Volunteering activities record since 2005 Year

S.N. Supporter donors name Helping Place, person and Schools Helped &Contributed record & Current activities Since Received help
01 NPONepalma Jani Mr. Hideki Tamagawa Japan Yakuwa & other villages Schools Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Distributed educational materials for many Schools children many places for Nepal districts. 2005 Years Over
02 Elsereine Co Ltd 1% Club from Osaka Japan & NPO Mr. Ishibashi and Mr. Iwami Yakuwa (Ekuwa) village School Shankhuwasabha district East Nepal New School building construction fund & providing educational Scholarship for 38 families children each family Rs. 1200 ($16) per month Scholarship since 2008 to 2013 for 5 years 2300000 Yen
School building
construction completed
2010 year
03 Mrs Ota Sachiko & Mr. Ota Michio team Kyoto Japan Ms Dajung Buti SherpaFeet
Provided Handicapped feet treatment and fixing 2 times prosthetic 2007
150000 Yen
04 Mr.Terince Dolan(Terry) Organ USA Feet Handicapped Ms Dajung Buti Sherpa Provided educational scholarship for 2 years 2007 & 2008 US$ 500.
05 Ms. Kusumoto Mutsuko & Ms.Nakano from Kobe Japan Mude , Sisne, Simma & Thakarma Village Schools help program Scholarship Rs.1000. ($13) per month Sisne Village & Simma village School Toilet construction, water supplying Pipe & tank and Mude village 1 children Sisne village 4 children & Thakarmu village school 4 children 2009 & 2010

Rs. 330000.
About 415000 Yen



06 Mrs. Paige Harvey & Mr. Bruce Harvey Atlanta USA Yakuwa and Sisne village trail wider.
District EastNepal
village walking trail wider making fund and distributed studying material in Schools 2009
USD 500.
07 Mr. Yong Teck & Mrs. Gerry team from Malaysia Singapore Simma Healthpost Clinic medicine supply
District EastNepal
Distributed educational material in Yakuwa School children in 2009 visit. & Medicine supply help started since 2011 2009 & since 2011 USD1050.
08 Mr. John Connell from Scotland and Ms. Shihoko from Japan Yakuwa & Sisne village Schools Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Distributed studying materials in Sisne and Ekuwa Schools children. 2010
Year visit
09 Elesereine Co Ltd 1% Club Osaka Japan Thakarma School roof changed Provided fund for Old School's new roof change 2010 Year Completed
10 Mr. Jim De Groot team from Netherland Holland Kapdane School Hururu village Shankhuwasabha Provided fund for new School building construction 2010 & 2011 Completed
11 Mr. Terince Dolan (Terry) and Mr. ED & Mrs.Julie Shattuk Organ USA Hedangna & Thakarma village School Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Provided educational scholarship to poor family's children Jiban Rai 6 years old Thakarma helpless blind boy Ambar Rai 20 Years age 2011 Helped Each person Rs.500 ( $8) US$ 200. over
12 Mr. Takaoka Hikota Japan Hururu village Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Provided educational scholarship to poor family children Wangche Sherpa for 1 year 2011 Per month Rs. 500 5000 JP Yen
13 Ms.Itoda Emiko & Mr. Itoda Kenjiro Japan Sisne village Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Provided educational scholarship to poor family children Santosh Gurung 11 years old for 6 months 2011 Per month Rs. 500. 3000 JP Yen
14 Elesereine Co Ltd 1% Club Osaka Japan Mude village School 3 rooms building New School building construction fund provided 2011/12 Completed
15 Mr. Tachio Nijukken Nara & Ms. Kiyo Hoshin Japan friends of Mrs. Kusumoto M Thakarma village School Shankhuwasabha District EastNepal Provided educational scholarship to poor family children Jiban Rai 6 years old & Sunsari Rai 6 year  old for 1 year 2012

10000JP Yen
7000 JP Yen
Rs. 17000

16 Mr. Tan Yong Singapore Simma Heath Post Shankhuwa sabha Medicine purchase and ANAMI Dr. salary started 2012 June Rs. 110,462
17 Nagakyo Junior H.School.Kyoto Japan Thakarma Darmadowar Primary School 2 children Schoarship started June 2012 Rs.31,000.
18 By NPO Nepal Volunteer Social Simma Secondary School Fudoma Sherpa Scholarship Started April 2012 Per month Rs.1000.
19 By NPO Nepal Volunteer Social S. fund Sisne Primary School & Simma Secondary School Sapan Gurung
-age 10
& Samjan Gurung age :12, Class: 3 & 4
Since June 2012 Rs. 2000. For 4 months given
20 Mr.Hiroaki Terada, Tokyo Japan
March 2013
Donation received Rs.50150.
for Nepal remote areas families children Educational support.
 The donation money provided for Scholarship to Samjan Gurung,age:13, Studying in grade-5 Primary School.
And Fudoma Sherpa, age: 12, grade:4 Primary School .
Scholarship provided to
2 poor familes Children 
in Simma School Sankhuwasabha district Nepal for August  2013 to July 2014 year.
Providing Scholarship amount:
Rs.1000.($12) per month each children
for education.
 21 Mr. TanYong   
from Singapore
July 2013
 Fund Received US$1000.           Rs. 95,256
for Simma Health Post
in Sankhuwasabha again for 2013
& 2014 Year
 The fund provided  in August 2013 in Simma Health Post
Sankhuwasabha district east Nepal.
The fund is  using for Medicien purchase
and supply
to many remote villages people
 The fund will be use since August 2013 to July 2014 year.
 22  Mr. Takaoka Hikota
 October 2013  For Scholarship support in mountain village children educational  The help fund provided in Simma village
School girl Fudoma Sherpa
 October 2013 to September 2014
Ms Kusumoto Japan
  November 2013 provided Rs.9150  
For Scholaship support in mountain village children educational


 The help fund provided in Sisne village school girl 
Samjana Gurung
  November 2013 to October 2014 scholarship

# Medicine supply project for Simma Health Post from Singapore:
Nepal rural area has very lack of enough medicine supply through Nepal Government. May 2011, from Singapore Mr. Yong Teck & supporters contributed the amount of US$1050 for the medicine supply project through the “Run For Medicine” event. This is to assist the rural community of many VDC of Shankhuwasabha district of east Nepal. The medicine will be distribute through “Simma Health Post”. Currently we have distributed 50% of amount to the village committee members. The doctor will use this to obtain the necessary medicine. The remaining funds will be used to procure items only available in Kathmandu and or distributed when required.

The village people and doctors are very appreciating to the following members for their generous contribution. We will report to donor members how the funds are being used to benefit the local communities. We really would like to say Thank you very much to all following donor members.

2011 Year Fund

Donor members - Amount (SGD)
Ronald -----------------$50
Margaret --------------$150
Dulci ------------------$100
Kia Wee (Wee-er) ------ $50
Chor Fai ---------------$160
Elaine ----------------$160
Tan Boon Huat --------- $100
Lew Kwok Shian -------- $100
Winson Ong--------------$100
Chok Si Yit ------------$100
Mr.Yong Teck & Mrs Gerry-$277.51

2012/13 Year Fund
Donor members Contributed Amount (SGD)
Margaret Teng------ SGD100
Leong Chor Fai -----SGD150
Dulcibella ANG Liting -SGD60
CHOK Si Yit --------- SGD100
TAN Boon Huat ------SGD120
Elaine Sim ---------- SGD120
Lew Kuo Shian -----SGD200
ONG Winson -------- SGD100
Teck, Gerry & Ansel--SGD600
Seow Pei Hsing -------SGD60
Grand Total SGD1610
(NPR 110,462)

2014/15 Year Fund
For Simma Health Post medicien supply support fund  received:
USD1500. NPR146625. on 21 Oct. 2014 from  Singapore Mr. Yong Teck & Mrs. Gerry group members . We very appreciate for your contribution.

2016 - 2017 Year  fund
On 1st January 2016 for Simma Health Post regularly medicien supply & Health Post rebuilding fund received from Singapore Mr. Yong Teck and Gerry's team members as written below.
1)  Leong  Chor Fai contributed for medicien supply: SGD 150 & for Health Post clinic room rebuilding: SGD 150. Total:SGD300.
2) Lew Kuo Shian contributed for medicien supply:SGD 200.
3) Margaret Teng contribuited for  medicien supply:SGD 100. & Health post rebuilding: SGD100. Total SGD 200.
4) Tan Boon Huat contributed for medicien supply SGD200.
& Health post rebuilding: SGD100. Total SGD 300.
5) Teck & Gerry's family include Lizzie & Ansel contribuited for medicien supply & rebuilding fund total: SGD 1500.
Grand total : SGD 2500. NPR185500.

Simma Medical  Funds received for the

  April 2017 - March 2018 ...!! 

Mr. Tang Yong Teck family visited in Nepal  December 2016 and  received the following donation collection amount by different members of  Mr. Teck group .

Mr. Zack Mok: $50.

Mr. Lim Kia Wee: $100.

Mr. Leong Chor Fai:  $200.

Mr. Lew Kuo Shian : $200.

Mr. Winson Ong: $50.

Mr. Edward Lung : $50.

Mr.Teck , Ms. Gerry family, Ansel & Lizzie : $800.

Total fund: SGD 1450 = NPR 108025.

"Thank you so much to Singapore all donor members for the continiue supporting to Simma Health Post medicien supply. All village people are very appreciating for your great contribution since many years."